Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's Official...Government Sucks!

If you're in doubt as to how pervasive government is in our everyday lives, just ask any resident of New Jersey. Their state government is gridlocked about how to close a $4.5 billion "budget gap", so the whole state has ground to a screeching halt, including state parks, beaches, and even the casinos in Atlantic City.

Now I ask you, would a private casino ever close its doors if it wasn't forced to? (Yes, Atlantic City casinos are private, but they're not allowed to operate unless the government hawks are there to ensure the state gets its cut.) Would a private park close its gates over the State's indecision? Would a private police force have to work for free just because the State can't get its shit together? No...absolutely not.

On the other hand, increasing taxes is not the right answer either. The "lawmakers" are correct that such a sales tax increase would impose additional costs on families, but has any one of them suggested that they cut anything out of the budget? I doubt it.

The answer is to take a hard look at the "services" the State provides at taxpayers' expense and eliminate those that could be provided better and cheaper by private firms, without a bunch of stupid interruptions...which would include pretty much all of them.