Monday, October 30, 2006

Talk About Your Dubious Distinction...

We have a new winner in the Most Dangerous City in the U.S. competition! Yes, St. Louis, Missouri tops the charts this year, boasting an increase in violent crimes that outpaced other cities in the Midwest. Sorry, Steve...

Here's what I found most interesting about the article:
St. Louis has been spending millions of dollars on urban renewal even as the crime rate climbs.

Funny how so many buy into the notion that if we just give people in urban areas more free stuff (nicer homes, trendier businesses, etc.) they will be compelled to turn from their wicked ways and stop killing each other. Interesting how it never occurs to lawmakers that it might work the other way around...that violent crime is what causes urban areas to deteriorate into slums.

The fact is, successful businesses are one of the factors that bring prosperity to any area. But it's tough to run a business when you have to be constantly worried about being robbed or shot. Consequently, businesses don't stick around long in crime-ridden areas. Reduce crime first, and voluntary urban renewal will follow. do we reduce crime in urban areas? The first step would be to call off the War on Drugs...but that's another post.